Treating Periodontal Diseases

If you are suffering from toothaches, a tooth infection, or any mouth and teeth issues, search dentist in Setauket, NY, dental implants Long Island, or dentists in East Setauket, NY. This will help you find a qualified periodontist. Dentistry is the branch of medicine specific to the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases, disorder, and conditions of the oral cavity. Dental surgery involves procedures that artificially modify the teeth and jaw bones, such as tooth extraction or wisdom teeth removal. To avoid the necessity of surgery, good oral hygiene is imperative. It is also important to regularly visit your dentist for professional cleanings to remove tartar, focusing on areas of the mouth that are difficult to clean.

Long Island is made up of two counties, with an abundance of towns in each one. For the best dentist qualified to treat any problems you may have, search periodontist Long Island. Periodontists have three extra years of specialization in gum disease and dental implants. They offer non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments designed to improve your teeth, bone structure, and overall oral health.

Scaling and root planing are non-invasive procedures, and are the most cost-effective treatment methods for treating and preventing periodontitis. The goal in scaling and root planing is to eliminate any periodontal infection by removing plaque, tarter, and bacterial toxins from the surfaces of roots and below the gum line. The roots are then planed in order to smooth the surface, allowing the gum tissue to heal and re-attach to the tooth. This treatment can prevent any future need for periodontal surgery.

If you suffer from active periodontal disease, you may notice the ineffectiveness of routine cleanings. This is due to the fact that tarter and plaque are removed only from above the gum line in a routine cleaning. A periodontist will use local anesthesia, while using specialized instruments to remove all the plaque and tarter around and below the gum line. They then smooth the area, allowing your gums to heal and tighten around your teeth. This treatment is completely successful for most patients, however some will require ongoing maintenance therapy to increase the chances of sustaining optimum dental health.

maintenance is for patients who have had a healthy environment established by the appropriate periodontal treatment. Periodontal maintenance is vital to the success of the treatment, and can be scheduled every two to four months. The treatments that periodontists offer include gum recession, crown lengthening, gingival grafting, regenerative therapy, and tooth extraction. To find a great dentist in Setauket, NY, search dental implants Long Island to find a list of qualified dentists in East Setauket, NY that can perform periodontal treatments.


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