Getting Dental Implants

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you but it can be a source of embarrassment if you have lost teeth due to decay, fracture, or another type of damage. Dental implant procedures replace those missing teeth and can help you feel more confident. It’s actually a series of procedures determined to recreate the tooth without putting any undue strain on the rest of your teeth. Additionally, the implants usually last longer and can be used without necessarily needing the support of the other teeth. Such as dental bridges

Dental implant dentists perform the procedure with the patient under local anesthesia. Once the implant is in place, a dentist may place a temporary restoration on it in order to keep your smile looking natural and intact. The healing process will typically take between six weeks and a few months, depending on the patient’s health. It’s important to make routine visits to dental implant specialists to follow up and maintain good oral hygiene. Otherwise, you may find yourself facing additional dental issues.

This is how typical dental implant procedures go. However, each patient is different and there may be additional preparatory procedures necessary before the implants can be placed. Generally, these procedures involve making sure there is enough bone for implant support.  These procedures can include socket preservation and reconstruction, bone grafting, guided bone regeneration, or sinus augmentation. These additional procedures will be discussed before getting dental implants and your dentist will make sure you are aware of what needs to be done to improve your smile.

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East Setauket dental implant specialists are dedicated to making sure you get the proper dental care. They aim to improve and maintain the health and aesthetic appeal of your smile through minimally invasive procedures and techniques. Their efforts are geared towards preserving the teeth as opposed to less artistic procedures. Dentists from an East Setauket dental office put saving the tooth and preserving its integrity above cutting or doing easier procedures. That’s the kind of care you want when you are getting dental implants.


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