Preserve Pulp Vitality and Tooth Structure

A Fifth Ave Midtown dentist practices minimally invasive dentistry, which aims to preserve pulp vitality and tooth structure. While preventing root canal therapy, dental decay, or caries would the ultimate goal, sometimes it’s simply out of our control. You can brush regularly and floss every night but still wind up with tooth and gum problems. In this case, a dentist near 5th Ave in Manhattan will use minimally invasive dentistry techniques to preserve pulp vitality and tooth structure. Preserving the teeth will keep it thriving and prevent a need for implants later on, for example.

Preserving the teeth through minimally invasive dentistry techniques uses the least amount of dentistry necessary to solve the problem while removing as little of the tooth as possible. Dentists aim for long-lasting results and use materials designed to achieve the goal. Remineralization, sealants, inlays, bite splints, and onlays are just some of the techniques used to preserve pulp vitality in the long run. All minimally invasive dentistry techniques and materials are specifically crafted to leave as much of the tooth in tact as possible. A dentist on Fifth Avenue is up to date on all the latest techniques and procedures designed to help save your smile.

Focusing on just the damaged or decaying part of the tooth requires time not all dentists are willing to put in and a skill level not all dentists actually have. A dentist on Fifth Avenue, however, has both to spare. While few dentists are able to pull off preserving the teeth in the long-term, finding one will mean fewer treatments in the future. Better dental care and increased patient comforts are just two of the benefits to these techniques.  Many have found that patients will usually prefer these treatments and techniques because they mean less pain, easier disease prevention, better tooth repair, and a return to their more natural smile.

A Fifth Ave Midtown dentist, however, has the skill, the patients, and the determination to put in the work necessary for preserving the teeth and gums. Their efforts have seen great success in dealing with many different dental problems from normal caries to periodontitis. Minimally invasive dentistry can deal with these issues and everything in between with fantastic results. They place patient comfort and satisfaction ahead of procedural ease, and will take the time to evaluate dental hygiene practices of each patient to ensure proper dental care is happening at home. This will also help prevent future dental problems by preserving the teeth health overall.


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