Restorative Periodontal Treatments

The goal of a Fifth Ave periodontist is to keep as much of your dental structure in tact as possible while still treating your periodontal problems. From white fillings to onlays and inlays, a 5th Ave periodontist will strive to keep services minimally invasive and reparative.  It will mean less recovery time for you and a better chance that these restorative gum disease treatments will actually work.

These periodontists specialize in scaling and root planning, for example, which requires them to remove the plaque from around the gum tissue bit by bit until there is undamaged tissue, which is then allowed to reattach to the tooth and heal properly. As far as restorative periodontal therapy goes, this is a procedure that will take time to perform and the periodontist uses it in place of more invasive procedures. In addition to the scaling and root planning, there is also regular periodontal maintenance necessary to make sure your gums remain healthy in the long-term. Seeing a dentist and a periodontist regularly will keep your teeth and gums healthy, particularly after getting a regular cleaning.

Getting restorative gum disease treatments will be greatly beneficial for you and your overall health. It will be easier for you to chew, keeping you nourished and well fed. Gum disease has other negative effects on your health and this can be one of them. 

Other Restorative Gum Disease Treatments

There are other treatments in addition to scaling and root planning used to treat periodontal disease. Gingival grafting, for example, addresses exposed tooth root as a result of gum recession. The nerve and the root are exposed, causing a higher level of sensitivity in your teeth. Crown lengthening is another procedure that will, ideally, help restore gum health by better maintaining the tissue.

Of course, these are just some of the procedures a periodontist near Midtown offers to treat gum disease and keep your teeth in fact. Call today for an appointment with a 5th Ave periodontist if you start to experience any symptoms associated with gum disease or decay. With the help of a Fifth Ave periodontist, you’ll be back home in no time with a much healthier dental system.


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