Endodontic Therapy

Commonly known as a root canal, endodontic therapy is a sequence of treatment to remove the infected pulp in the center of a tooth. Following discovery of root canal symptoms, the seriousness of the tooth’s condition is considered. If it is discovered that the tooth may be prone to infection in the future, the dentist knows they will have to perform a root canal.

Strictly speaking, the root canal of the tooth is an anatomic space within the root of the tooth, which is naturally occurring. The space consists of the pulp chamber, which contains soft tissues like nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue. These tissues help maintain the tooth, and keep it from breaking when chewing hard objects. In instances where the dentist believes the pulp will be inevitably infected, the dentist will perform endodontic therapy.

Root canal symptoms include momentary sensitivity to hot or cold foods, sharp pain when biting down, and dull aching and pressure in the teeth and jaw. Temperature sensitivity to foods is often normal for people with sensitive teeth however, so one should wait two to four weeks to see if the pain persists.

For the unhealthy or injured tooth, a root canal involves drilling into the pulp chamber of the tooth in question, and removing the infected pulp before sanitizing the inside with files. The tooth is then filled with a substance called gutta-percha, a natural polymer made from the Palaquium gutta tree. The tooth is then given a root canal crown, which covers the cusps of the tooth. The root canal crown reduces the chances that the tooth will fracture in the future.

Root canal crown pain is experienced occasionally if, in surgery, the dentist misses a small accessory nerve, if the tooth has a small crack between the roots, or the existing crown is not fitted as well as it could be. Root canal crown pain is rare, but when it pops up, a return trip to the dentist is often recommended.

For New Yorkers looking for local dentists, local Manhattan root canals are convenient! If you’re looking for local dentists performing a root canal, NYC and Manhattan are good choices. While many patients fear the pain of having a root canal, modern techniques are generally painless, and finding time in a busy day is easier with a Manhattan root canal. NYC offices, as well as offices in East Setauket make visiting our offices easier.


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