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If you live near 5th avenue, teeth whitening has never been easier. You can make an appointment with a dentist and really reap the benefits of professionally supervised procedures. Dental care in Midtown Manhattan is some of the best in the area and you’ll start to notice a difference after just a few whitening sessions. There are a number of reasons to take advantage of in office or at home teeth whitening procedures when you get them from and are supervised by a dentist.

First, the strength of the product being used has a higher percentage of bleaching agent, which will yield better results for teeth whitening procedures. Gel applications, for example, are much stronger and require fewer treatments. Overall, that creates safer teeth whitening procedures because you’ll need to do less. Additionally, mouthpiece trays can be custom fitted to your teeth. A teeth whitening dentist prefers to create these custom molds in order to maximize the procedure and cut down on gum irritation. Preventive measures, like enamel strengthening or a gel for gum tissue, make these already safe procedures even safer and more effective.

Supervised teeth whitening procedures are almost always more effective than over the many over-the-counter treatments. The personalized care makes up for the lack of “do it at home” convenience. A 5th avenue teeth whitening specialist will determine what type of procedure to use, how many applications will be necessary, and explain what sort of results you can expect. Additionally, a teeth whitening dentist will be able to monitor your progress to make sure the process is going well and your gums aren’t being harmed. It’s much more reassuring to know that you are getting the right treatment for your end goal than feeling like you’re taking a shot in the dark with an over the counter gel or whitening strip.

These dental services in Midtown Manhattan will have your smile looking shades whiter before you know it. Teeth respond to these procedures differently, so it’s important to make sure the whiteness level you’re trying to achieve is doable for your situation. Dentists will monitor your progress and treat any issues that come up as a result of the procedure. Tooth sensitivity and mild irritation of the gums are two of the most common problems patients have reported experiencing. Since both are temporary, they will disappear soon after the treatment is over, but the teeth whitening dentist will be able to treat you if the issues persist. Getting professional dental care in Midtown Manhattan, of course, will limit these consequences.


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