Restorative Dental Procedures

Having chipped, missing or damaged teeth means your smile might be full of holes. But more than that, it’s an important aspect of your health. Studies have shown that different dental diseases can increase your risks of heart disease and stroke, dementia, diabetes and respiratory problems. Periodontal bacteria can also contribute to erectile dysfunction (weird, right?), birth problems and cancer risks.

If you’re in the market for restorative dentistry in NYC, tooth restoration in Manhattan can help you with anything from dental implants to crowning teeth.

Crowning teeth aids patients in several restorative ways. These include protecting cracked teeth that are prone to damage, reshaping or restoring a tooth that is already severely worn down, and cosmetic modification. Crowns can also be made of a variety of materials — metals like stainless steel, porcelain, resin, or zirconia.

Dental implants serve to connect dental prostheses to the jaw or skull. The implant is generally placed before a crown or bridge to allow time for the bone and metal to bond in a process called osseointegration. Implants and osseointegration are used to bond crowns, implants and dental bridges to bone. Generally, the success of an implant depends on patient gingiva and hone health. Bridges and similar dental procedures also undergo rigorous analysis because of the significant biomechanical forces active during chewing. Beware of all-resin crowns which, while less expensive, tend to wear down over time or fracture.

For those missing teeth, dental bridges can be used to fill the gap. With bridges, preparation and tapering of the tooth is important, since the bridge has to fit over the tapered-down teeth exactly. Fabrication of the bridge can be accomplished with either the lost-wax technique or drafting software and machining. One type of bridge which can be used is called an onlay bridge. Normally, a bridge requires reducing down the teeth neighboring the missing tooth so they become part of the support structure for the bridge. An onlay bridge, however, only includes the restoration of worn cusps (the points on top of your teeth) on neighboring teeth. Onlay bridges are fabricated outside of the mouth, and are generally made of either gold or porcelain.

For those looking for restorative dentistry in NYC, tooth restoration in Manhattan can have you smiling proudly. From preventative to restorative treatments, New York dentists can help you keep your teeth healthy. Tooth restoration in Manhattan is conveniently located for painless checkups and easy consultations. Restorative dentistry in NYC will have you smiling wide while you stroll the Manhattan streets.


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