Preservative Dental Work

The goal of dentists in East Setauket is to avoid cutting or doing unnecessary procedures when less invasive methods could be just as effective. The minimally invasive approach is more preservative in the sense that it leads to less tooth destruction. ┬áMinimally invasive treatment can be viewed more as a “repair” rather then re-do of current dental work. It must be done well and may be more difficult and artistic for dentist to do but, will prolong longevity of the tooth in the mouth. For example, a root canal is not always the answer; an alternative is careful decay excavation and pulp capping procedure with placement of medicament that encourages tooth self repair. However this procedure may be time consuming and isn’t always done.

Preservation of the vitality of your tooth is called pulp capping procedure that makes the tooth nerve cavity lining to produce additional dentinal structure after placement of medication. The tooth has an opportunity to rebuild itself as opposed to removing the entire infected tooth structure and entering nerve and needed root canal treatment.

Taking advantage of natural tooth repair is very skill based and requires a very thorough examination and diagnosis. Ultimately the less invasive procedure in most cases is more successful in long run when it comes to preserving healthy teeth. Dentists in East Setauket, focus on preserving dental health and keeping as much of the tooth intact as possible, instead of simply removing the tooth structures. Once the problem is treated, dentists will introduce preservative maintenance protocol to prevent further damage on other teeth.

Preserving healthy teeth and gums will make upkeep much easier and less involved in the coming years, as it is the key to successful long-term oral health. That means a minimally invasive, yet quality repair that removes the disease is so much more beneficial to teeth as opposed to greater tooth structure removal that is cost by traditional invasive philosophy. If a natural, healthy looking smile is your goal, then these are the dentists you want performing the treatments.

Preserving healthy teeth and gums through, ideally, the most minimally invasive dental treatments is the goal. For dentists in East Setauket, it’s not about how much they can get done in a day, but how positively they can impact the dental health of their patients. Each dentist and periodontist specialist is dedicated to developing procedures that are as painless and non-invasive as possible, addressing the problem while still successfully preserving healthy teeth and gums.


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