Ensuring Healthy Gums and Teeth

One problem that often stands in the way of maintaining healthy gums and teeth is tooth decay. Diagnosis for this condition can be made through a simple examination and Midtown Manhattan dentists will usually take X-rays as well to see how deep the decay goes in the tooth. A diagnosis of dental caries, or a tooth decay diagnosis, is usually preempted by dental pain, inflammation, tooth loss, or the formation of an abscess.

Essentially, dental caries form as the bacteria begins to break down the hard tissues of the teeth. When the breakdown is happening faster than saliva buildup, for example, dental caries may occur. While regularly getting your teeth cleaned, watching your sugar intake, and maintaining good dental hygiene habits will help to prevent decay, there have still been cases of dental decay in patients with these habits. The earlier you are able to get a tooth decay diagnosis, the better chance Midtown Manhattan dentists will have of preserving the tooth.

Removing the entire tooth is one method of treatment, but it’s not ideal. Instead of saving the healthy parts of the tooth and restoring it, a dentist is simply removing the entire problem. It’s a solution, but it’s not always the best one. You need to find a dentist who is willing to take the time to remove the decayed parts of the tooth and restore the tooth to full functionality. One way to do this is through pulp capping, which is a method of saving the dental pulp that’s been exposed as cavities (dental caries) are being treated.

Pulp capping means a dentist will place a medicament over any exposed dental pulp and seal it. The goal is to protect and restore any pulp vitality that would have otherwise been lost. The fact that it’s a minimalist procedure that, ideally, won’t require extraction is a huge benefit as well. Pulp capping is a procedure that 5th Ave Midtown dentists usually like to try first, since it can save more of the dental structure.

Being able to preserve and then maintain healthy gums and teeth is the main goal of 5th Ave Midtown dentists and periodontics specialists. They strive for early detection of something like a tooth decay diagnosis, as the more decayed dental caries become, the more intense of a procedure will be required. Something like pulp capping will take a little extra time to perform, but it will lead to much better results over all when caught early.


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