Esthetic Bondings

We use many minimally invasive techniques to enhance the natural beauty of your teeth. Esthetic bonding is another way for us to perfect your smile. It’s a procedure of sculpting resin that is attached to your teeth in order to restore or enhance them. With this technique, we use a biocompatible resin to fill in gaps or simply repair irregularities that exist, such as gaps, decayed and chipped teeth, uneven teeth or replacing aged discolored white fillings. This process can be completed in a single visit. After we shape and match the color of the attachment to your tooth, you will be on your way with the confidence in a perfectly natural smile. There is one important difference when we recommend esthetic bonding over veneers, and crowns: we do not change tooth integrity – we do not remove any existing tooth structure in the process of bonding so your existing tooth is completely unaffected and completely preserved. This technique is unique and developed by Dr. Urbankova.


Lucy finished orthodontic treatment but was left with a non-ideal esthetic result: her lateral incisors were still rotated. She was finished with braces and wanted another solution. One dentist said she needed porcelain veneers, but that meant cutting the teeth, an irreversible process. We offered her non-invasive corrections with careful application of bondings to correct rotation and enhance shape of the lateral teeth to give her whiter and fuller smile without removing any tooth structure.


Our patient Peter had been unhappy his entire life with the dark stains on his teeth – from using tetracycline as a child. He wanted to change the color of his teeth to a more normal white but he was told the only way to do it would be to cut the teeth and apply ceramic veneers. Peter did not want his teeth to be cut, he only wanted them to be white without the brown color defects. Since porcelain veneers require tooth structure removal before being placed, we offered NON-invasive bonding without removal of tooth structure. Peter was very happy with the procedure result, and no tooth structure was removed. (2 years follow up result).


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