During this cold and flu season, our thoughts turn to keeping ourselves and families safe and healthy.  The mouth, being a part of our body, is a very special place. It is the entry into the body and is equipped...

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Remodeling Your Teeth will make you smile

There are many reasons why people remodel their kitchens, bathrooms or living rooms. Wear and tear, bad plumbing, mold and mildew, leaks due to broken grout, or just being tired of living with your old kitchen countertop...

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Male dentist on working place with female patient in dental practice

Root canal treatments are pretty common in today's dental practice. Statistics show that there are more than 15 million every year in the United States and more than 41,000 root canals are performed every single day. Roo...

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Fixing Your Teeth

Fix Your Teeth with Preventive and Protective Care There are many reasons why people remodel their kitchens, bathrooms, or living rooms. Wear and tear, bad plumbing, mold, and mildew, leaks due to broken grout, or just b...

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Cleaning teeth and removing oral biofilm that forms on the teeth is an essential part of oral hygiene and prevention of oral diseases such as cavities (tooth decay) and gum disease (gingivitis and periodontal disease). B...

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A woman has a healthy smile after her LANAP procedure because she stuck to a strict diet and avoiding certain foods.

I’m a doctor myself and I treat patients with a procedure called LANAP®- which stands for laser assisted new attachment procedure. There has been quite a debate about diet restrictions after the surgery and it has bee...

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A before and after comparison of a smile when 'color of autumn' Staining is removed.

Everybody likes white teeth… A white clean smile, free of staining, is attractive and a sign of good health. But how to achieve it? Tooth discoloration or staining can be caused three different ways: 1) The enamel is...

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Nail-biting is observed in a woman with an attractive smile, which she is putting at risk.

There are many different kinds of nervous habits, from harmful ones like smoking to more innocuous ones, like foot tapping.  While seemingly harmless, nail-biting is an extremely common one that actually poses a variety...

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A healthy smile being inspected after recovery from laser treatment

Even though the vast majority of adults in America have cavities, most dentists don’t use laser treatment to fight or prevent them.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nine out of 10 (91%) ad...

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An illustration of lasers which are used to clean teeth.

While lasers are accepted as the gold standard for restorative and preventive dental work, it has taken decades to fine-tune the technology.  Though lasers have been studied in-depth since the 1980s and were implemented...

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A patient is smiling after receiving an examination of her gums. Regular examinations prevent gum disease later on.

1. Look for signs: Early Diagnosis is key The earliest stages of gum disease are difficult to diagnose. The signs may begin as early as the teen years and in young adults as early as in their twenties. Signs of gum dise...

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A dental examination reveals healthy gums resulting from laser treatment.

Healthy mouth, healthy body. The mouth is the entry point to the body. Far from being a sterile place, the mouth is also one of the dirtiest parts of the body. It contains over 800 species of bacteria, fungus, and viruse...

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A woman relaxes at the edge of a swimming pool.

Even if you take great care of your teeth and have excellent oral hygiene, hot summer months can bring unique challenges for maintaining a healthy mouth. Some activities are great for the body, but can actually be ha...

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A set of dental crowns after the crown lengthening procedure has taken place.

You may have heard from your doctor that before your tooth can be treated with a dental restoration that an additional procedure is required called “clinical crown lengthening”. Crown lengthening is an in-office proc...

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Dentist dutifully eliminates harmful bacteria

Did you know that the mouth contains over 800 species of bacteria, fungi, and viruses? The mouth is not a sterile place and can never be sterile because, after all, there are beneficial bacteria and harmful bacteria. In ...

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Three ecstasy pills of varying color on a black backgroudn.

Ecstasy, also known as MDMA or “Molly,” is a very popular psychoactive or recreational drug. Due to effects such as euphoria, energy buzz, increased alert and empathy coupled with increased potency it has led to more...

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There are various ways in which wisdom teeth can become impacted.

With age comes wisdom and wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth represent another milestone in development and change that your mouth goes through in life. Third molars, or wisdom teeth, erupt at a more mature age (between 17-21 ye...

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Activated charcoal powder in a wooden spoon.

Charcoal becomes “activated charcoal” when it is exposed to high temperatures and combined with a gas or an activating agent, expanding its surface area. The resulting porous material “adsorbs” impurities from it...

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A woman with mint leaves on her tongue: fresh breath after getting rid of chronic bad breath.

Halitosis, commonly known as chronic bad breath, affects millions of Americans.  It's a prevalent but quite embarrassing condition--and despite the various claims of mouthwashes, chewing gums, and sprays, it has no perm...

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A graphic that depicts increasing calcium levels in teeth for good enamel health.

Saliva plays an unbelievable role in maintaining oral and enamel health. We discussed a role of saliva in previous newsletters on acid-base balance in the mouth and other articles in the section "Tooth Damage and All Abo...

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The molecular structure of methamphetamine.

Methamphetamine, colloquially known as meth, speed, ice, glass, and crystal, is a notoriously dangerous drug that is not only highly addictive, but extremely detrimental to your physical, and especially oral, health.  W...

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A view from inside the mouth. A dentist is checking the gums before the LANAP procedure and using stem cells for healing.

The Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure or LANAP was invented in 1994. This procedure is the minimally invasive laser surgical approach for the treatment of advanced gum disease. It was thought to be just as effectiv...

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Summer drinks: A glass of cola, which can cause tooth erosion.

As the summer time approaches, the temperature goes up. There is no better time to grab a nice cold soda, fruit juice, lemon aid or a wine spritzer. But be careful, many of these summer drinks can be harmful to the teeth...

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Happy millennials smiling at camera outside on campus at the university.

As today’s young adults, sometimes called “millennials” and “Generation Y,” enter their 20s and 30s, they may be faced with dental issues. These issues might not have concerned millennials in their youth and t...

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Dentist examining a patients teeth for periodontal disease.

While we might not be aware of it, most adults in the United States have some form of periodontal disease. Gum diseases like periodontitis and gingivitis often begin to show up in adults in their 30's and 40's. Without r...

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A young man with Sjögren’s syndrome drinking a lot of water.

Xerostomia is the clinical term for dry mouth, a condition that affects between 10 and 30% of people.  Despite its prevalence, research shows that the symptoms of dry mouth are often overlooked by patients and general d...

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An attractive thirty-something female drinks water to combat xerostomia.

Xerostomia, or dry mouth, affects nearly a quarter of the population. It’s caused by hyposalivation - when the body doesn’t produce enough saliva. Because healthy salivary production has a biologically antiseptic ef...

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The stages of periodontitis, which dentist are trying to cure.

Why haven’t we been able to achieve the same results in human clinical studies, since the same materials are available for use in humans? One key difference between humans and beagle dogs is the amount and shape of the...

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Gingivitis and Periodontitis

Some surgical procedures used in periodontics are aimed at regeneration of lost tissue and bone. Regeneration has been successfully done in other disciplines besides dentistry. Examples include injecting chondrocytes in ...

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A man lifting weights a the gym, which can cause bruxing.

When it comes to the negative side-effects of sports and athletic activity, we usually think of sore muscles and overuse injuries. Hyperextensions, shin splints, tendonitis – they’re all fairly common. But the adver...

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