Periodontal Disease Treatments

The best East Setauket dental care will be able to provide options for treating dental decay and periodontal disease. It can take different forms and the periodontist will make sure you get the right treatment, once you are able to be diagnosed. An East Setauket periodontist will be able to pinpoint the cause for your suffering and provide you with the proper treatment or habits to fix it.

Types of periodontal disease
Gingivitis is the mildest form of gum disease and is reversible. That means that conditions of gums can be reversed to healthy condition again. But if poor oral hygiene persists than gingivitis progressed to periodontal disease where your gums become swollen or bleed easily. There are different factors which can cause periodontitis, including: diabetes, smoking, inadequate nutrition, or a genetic predisposition. Plaque is also a major contributing factor to the condition, leading to a form known as plaque-induced gingivitis, which can manifest to periodontitis, which is the eventual loss of alveolar bone.

Periodontitis can become a serious condition that leads to loss of teeth. It can be diagnosed by an East Setauket periodontist through X-ray films and examining the gums around the teeth. There are also different categories of this level of periodontal disease; treatments will depend on the category. The categories depend on the cause and frequency of your periodontitis and five of the seven categories are known as irreversible. The best East Setauket dental care will manage periodontal disease treatments as much as possible to reduce any embarrassment, pain, or discomfort. Symptoms of periodontitis can vary, but include: gum swelling, bad breath, gum recession, swelling, bloodied gums, or redness.

Treating tooth decay
Dental caries, otherwise known as tooth decay or cavities, will also require treatment quickly. An East Setauket, LI dentist can fill these cavities, depending on their severity, and instruct you on further preventing and treating tooth decay before it progresses that point. Treating tooth decay early is much easier and less expensive, so make sure you’re getting the best dental care from an East Setauket dentist

East Setauket, LI dentist

Treating dental decay and periodontal disease is a lot easier when you are able to make an appointment with the best dentist.  East Setauket dentist are every gentle, thorough, careful and assure the best treatment outcomes. Depending on how far the condition has progressed, you may need to consider dental implants as tooth replacement when teeth are severely damages by periodontal disease or tooth decay. Dental implants are used if you have already lost teeth or the teeth are severely damaged and are not restorable. The best dental care will help you to develop better oral hygiene habits as preventive steps, as well as treating tooth decay or periodontal disease.


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