Cosmetic Dentistry and Esthetic Enhancements

Whether you require teeth whitening, bonding or veneers, we will assess your cosmetic needs, and recommend the best treatment options to ensure that you leave our offices with a beautiful, natural and long-lasting smile.

Non-Invasive Esthetic Enhancements

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Today, there are many types of filling materials, including silver amalgam, gold, plastic, porcelain, and resin to name the most common available, and the cost of each varies. Some are considered unattractive and even unhealthy. In our practice we use composite resin that is biocompatible as the number one choice. Composite resin is a tooth-colored plastic and glass mixture used to restore decayed teeth. This material requires only minimal tooth structure removal and is bonded to the tooth with excellent esthetic results. We follow the philosophy of conservative dentistry to restore an unhealthy tooth using only the least invasive method to maintain your natural smile.

Esthetic Bondings

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We use many minimally invasive techniques to enhance the natural beauty of your teeth. Esthetic bonding is another way for us to perfect your smile. It's a procedure of sculpting resin that is attached to your teeth in order to restore or enhance them. With this technique, we use a biocompatible resin to fill in gaps or simply repair irregularities that exist, such as gaps, decayed and chipped teeth, uneven teeth or replacing aged discolored white fillings. This process can be completed in a single visit. After we shape and match the color of the attachment to your tooth, you will be on your way with the confidence in a perfectly natural smile. There is one important difference when we recommend esthetic bonding over veneers, and crowns: we do not change tooth integrity – we do not remove any existing tooth structure in the process of bonding so your existing tooth is completely unaffected and completely preserved. This technique is unique and developed by Dr. Urbankova.


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Veneers are another esthetic technique to enhance your smile. As the term suggests, veneers add a layer onto an existing structure, your teeth, in this case, in order to improve your smile. We use the highest quality porcelain veneers that will match your natural teeth and shape of your mouth; so you’ll never know that there is a thin layer of porcelain veneer covering a section of your teeth. Veneers however require some alteration to existing tooth structure.

Alternative to Veneers

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Smile Assessment

Did you know you can improve your smile?
If you would like to enhance your smile, we can give you a consultation on how we can transform your smile without a wide range of costly dental treatments. We can give you an expert opinion on what treatments may suit your needs. All we need are some close-up photos that you can send us via email.

Teeth Whitening

Do you love coffee or red wine or some other tooth-staining pleasure, but you are not going to give one of them up? Teeth whitening could by a simple solution to maintaining the gleam of your smile. The easiest and most cost-effective approach to turning your smile whiter and brighter is through teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is a process that lifts stains and other minor spots left on your teeth. The process is simple.

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