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Male dentist on working place with female patient in dental practice

Root Canal Treatment and is there an Alternative?

Root canal treatments are pretty common in today's dental practice. Statistics show that there are more than 15 million every year in the United States and more than 41,000 root canals are performed every single day. Roo

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Fixing Your Teeth

When the Time Comes to Fix Your Teeth?

Fix Your Teeth with Preventive and Protective Care There are many reasons why people remodel their kitchens, bathrooms, or living rooms. Wear and tear, bad plumbing, mold, and mildew, leaks due to broken grout, or just b

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Nail-biting is observed in a woman with an attractive smile, which she is putting at risk.

The Mystery of Enamel Wear – a Nail-Biting Issue

There are many different kinds of nervous habits, from harmful ones like smoking to more innocuous ones, like foot tapping.  While seemingly harmless, nail-biting is an extremely common one that actually poses a variety

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A healthy smile being inspected after recovery from laser treatment

“No Cutting” – Laser Treatment to Preserve More of Your Teeth

Even though the vast majority of adults in America have cavities, most dentists don’t use laser treatment to fight or prevent them.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nine out of 10 (91%) ad

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An illustration of lasers which are used to clean teeth.

Lasers in Tooth Decay Prevention

While lasers are accepted as the gold standard for restorative and preventive dental work, it has taken decades to fine-tune the technology.  Though lasers have been studied in-depth since the 1980s and were implemented

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A woman relaxes at the edge of a swimming pool.

Hot Summers and Sport Activities: Swimming Pool Chlorine and Your Teeth

Even if you take great care of your teeth and have excellent oral hygiene, hot summer months can bring unique challenges for maintaining a healthy mouth. Some activities are great for the body, but can actually be ha

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A graphic that depicts increasing calcium levels in teeth for good enamel health.

Demineralization and Remineralization – The Healing and Protective Nature of Saliva

Saliva plays an unbelievable role in maintaining oral and enamel health. We discussed a role of saliva in previous newsletters on acid-base balance in the mouth and other articles in the section "Tooth Damage and All Abo

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Summer drinks: A glass of cola, which can cause tooth erosion.

Summer Drinks and Tooth Erosion

As the summer time approaches, the temperature goes up. There is no better time to grab a nice cold soda, fruit juice, lemon aid or a wine spritzer. But be careful, many of these summer drinks can be harmful to the teeth

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Happy millennials smiling at camera outside on campus at the university.

Dental Care and Millennials: What About You?

As today’s young adults, sometimes called “millennials” and “Generation Y,” enter their 20s and 30s, they may be faced with dental issues. These issues might not have concerned millennials in their youth and t

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A man lifting weights a the gym, which can cause bruxing.

Bruxing or Clenching Your Teeth?

When it comes to the negative side-effects of sports and athletic activity, we usually think of sore muscles and overuse injuries. Hyperextensions, shin splints, tendonitis – they’re all fairly common. But the adver

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A diagram of a pH scale, showing the acid-base balance.

Acid-Base Balance and How Saliva Protects Teeth

In our last post, we discussed the role of saliva in our body. In reference to teeth, enamel is the hardest structure of our body. Enamel protects the teeth’s underlying dentinal structure and nerve cavity. Bacterial a

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Casual woman smiling at camera on a sunny day in the countryside because of the saliva in her mouth.

The Important Role of Saliva in Oral Health

The mouth is vulnerable to the outside world. It is believed to be the most challenging part of our body to protect against bacteria. Fortunately, it has amazing defense mechanisms to protect us. If fact, one of these me

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A woman smiling and showing off her teeth after going through the remineralization procedure.

Remineralization – Can Your Teeth Heal?

At Preserve Your Teeth® Dentistry, every possible area is treated conservatively. That is with minimal removal of tooth structure. We also repair teeth with modern tooth-colored adhesive dentistry methods. When caries i

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An overhead view of two cans of energy drinks, sitting in ice.

Energy Drinks: More Energy, Less Teeth

Although it is a temporary effect, we know that popular energy drinks can give us the boost we need. However, did you known that they can also slowly take away enamel from our teeth? How Energy Drinks Harm Our Teeth En

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Cups with different kinds of fruit juices surrounded by fresh fruits.

Fruit Juices – What About Your Teeth?

One of the major causes of tooth erosion is consumption of fruit drinks. Fruit drinks and juices belong into “erosive drink category” according to ADA findings. Fruit drinks do belong into an area of 93% of drinks wi

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A young woman dressed in sportswear, is sweating and drinking a sports drink, which can cause tooth erosion.

Prime Suspects in Tooth Erosion

A recent study by the American Dental Association has found that the increasing consumption of acidic, nonalcoholic, and nondairy beverages appears to be causing a rise in tooth erosion. A list of 379 popular top-brand

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A close-up of soda cans, a beverage that can cause dental erosion.

Dental Erosion: The Rise in Acidic Beverage Consumption

Dental erosion is a serious condition. Americans have increased their consumption of acidic beverages dramatically in the past few decades. In fact, the Center for Science in the Public Interest reports that in 2004, the

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A table with various fruits, including lemons, which can cause tooth enamel damage.

How to Avoid Tooth Enamel Damage

In a previous article, we have discussed the surprising causes of tooth enamel erosion. We know that foods and drinks, medications, and other environmental factors can negatively affect your teeth. So, how can you protec

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An illustration of the tooth's anatomy, which list the different parts and where tooth enamel erosion occurs.

Surprising Causes of Tooth Enamel Erosion

There happens to be a surprising number of seemingly harmless and healthy foods, beverages, medications and other non-bacterial factors that can cause tooth enamel erosion. This occurs when the saliva's acidity/alkalinit

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Can a Vegan Avoid Tooth Decay?

If you presently are a vegan or are considering such a diet, you may want to ask your teeth for their opinion. The fact is that tooth decay is a common problem for those on a vegan diet. Why is that the case, and what fo

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