Can a Vegan Avoid Tooth Decay?

If you presently are a vegan or are considering such a diet, you may want to ask your teeth for their opinion. The fact is that tooth decay is a common problem for those on a vegan diet. Why is that the case, and what foods should you have/avoid if you are determined to maintain a vegan diet and combat tooth decay? Read on to learn more.

There are two main issues for vegans when it comes to cavities. The first is that a vegan diet can often lack certain fat-soluble minerals that are necessary for healthy teeth. Phosphorus and calcium in particular are often left out of a vegan diet or cannot be absorbed due to a lack of fat. The second concern is that vegans often end up eating many sugary fruits and other sugar filled foods like tofu, granola, and nondairy milk products. You may be shocked to learn that your soy milk might be worse for your teeth than anything else you put in your body, even if it is fortified with calcium.

For these reasons, some vegans have decided to add certain non-vegan foods to their diet, such as wild-caught fish, grass-fed animal meat, or raw dairy products. However, if you are determined to not allow anything from an animal enter your diet, here are a few necessities.

Avocados can get you the fats you need to absorb vitamins. You will want to have avocado on a daily basis. If you take any supplements, that is the meal to have them with. You can also use healthy oils such as cold pressed olive oil or coconut oil. You can even have a spoonful as a supplement when you take your vitamins if you do not want to cook with oil. Finally, nuts can provide you with some healthy fats as well. Raw nuts will have the healthy fats without the added bad fat from oils.

In short, a vegan can combat tooth decay by taking the right supplements and getting enough healthy fats. It is far easier, however, to protect your teeth on a different diet.


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