Why Do So Many People Have Issues With Their Wisdom Teeth?

Maybe wisdom teeth are an accident. After all, nearly everyone has to get them removed at some point in their life, right? It is not an uncommon thought.

On the other hand, wisdom teeth should be removed if they cause problems such as crowding, decaying developments or forming periodontal defects around them. At some point that tooth, if in occlusion, may be necessary later in life.

Along with the appendix, most people find their wisdom teeth utterly expendable. The fact is, however, that the average mouth should have plenty of room for wisdom teeth without crowding. So what is the problem? Quite frankly, we do it to ourselves.

The main culprit with wisdom teeth issues is diet. Highly processed foods abound, and most lack any real nutritional value (spraying on vitamins doesn’t count). You can also blame mom. After all, the nutrients a baby receives in the womb have a significant bearing on jaw development. If mom eats a lot of refined foods, the necessary nutrients for proper development may be lacking.

Wisdom teeth are an asset to chewing in the rare case that someone has a well-developed mouth that can handle all of his or her teeth. For most of us, the wisdom teeth are gone by age 25. Some dentists simply assume a patient’s mouth will not be able to accommodate the wisdom teeth and recommend removal to patients as young as 15. In such a case, maybe you should ask for a second opinion.

The fact is that a well-balanced diet, in the womb and throughout life, and good oral hygiene may allow you to keep your wisdom teeth. In our modern world of fast and processed food, however, that is unlikely for just about anyone. Actually, the way you are most likely to get to keep your wisdom teeth is to use tools to widen your palate while you are still growing to ensure there is plenty of space.

If you need your wisdom teeth removed, earlier is better. The roots of your teeth continue to grow as you get older. This can make wisdom tooth removal more difficult and result in more complications if the extraction takes place later in life.


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