The Honest Truth About Why You Need a White Smile

Let’s be honest. People want a bright white smile like those they see on their favorite celebs. Because of this demand, advancements have been made over the last several years that make the process faster, safer, and more affordable than ever. You no longer just have to have a beautiful smile to compete with celebrities. Now your neighbor, the other person who likes your crush, and the other candidate for that job you want, can all afford to have their teeth whitened. Will getting a teeth whitening actually give you a competitive edge in all of these aspects of life?

One national survey spelled out the answer very plainly. 96% of those polled across the country felt that a beautiful smile will make a person more attractive to the opposite sex. The fact is, the smile is one of the first things you notice about a person, and yellowing teeth are just not appealing.

Almost, three-quarters of the people surveyed also felt that having a smile that is unattractive will hurt you in the workplace. Almost one-third of people admit to noticing a person’s teeth first, and about a quarter of people remember teeth more than any other facial feature after a brief meeting. They may not be hiring you to be the public face of the company, but that will not stop your teeth from affecting whether or not you make it to the next level of interviews.

Finally, whiter teeth can help you to have more confidence, and that is something that most people can use. When you have more self-esteem, it can benefit you in all aspects of life.

That having been said, you may decide it is cheaper to whiten your teeth at home. The fact is, however, that professional teeth whitening is both more efficient and safer. Plus, getting your teeth whitened at the dentist’s office will often work much faster than a at-home treatment.





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