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What Makes Minimally Invasive Biomimetic Dentistry Different?

Minimally invasive biomimetic dentistry focuses on cutting minimal tooth structure. Techniques using “adhesive bonding” are preferred rather than the traditional “cementing” of dental restorations. These techniques provide higher strength and a profound seal between the tooth’s structure and restorative material.

The treatment is also better for the management of the surrounding soft tissues. Gums are healthier and treatment is very friendly. With these methods, dentists prevent root canals, leading to longer-lasting results.

Will My Insurance Cover Biomimetic Procedures?

Using the biomimetic approach, procedures are billed in a similar manner as traditional dentistry. Since there are no specific codes for biomimetic dentistry, we submit your claims based on traditional codes. This means that biomimetic restorations are billed the same way as a white (ceramic) crown or fillings.

Is Minimally Invasive Biomimetic Dentistry More Expensive Than Traditional Dentistry?

In contrary, over the long term, the procedure is a far less expensive treatment. It also requires little management of your dental care.

No dental restoration lasts forever. And when a traditional restoration fails, both the restoration and the tooth are compromised. This leads to costly tooth repair or replacement procedures.

On the other hand, biomimetic restorations are easily repairable. Most require little or no anesthetic to fix. Using minimally invasive dentistry, tooth preparation is far less invasive and the tooth’s survival after failure is much higher.

The tooth’s nerve safe as well. With the nerve protected, the tooth is less compromised in the long term and the need for a root canal treatment decreases. The minor cost associated with repairing a biomimetic restoration is more like that of a filling rather than that of a conventional metal crown, root canal, bridge or implant.

Hopefully, we were able to answer your questions about the biomimetic dentistry. Traditional dentistry can lead to invasive oral care and the loss of your teeth. Visit Preserve Your Teeth Dentistry® to find out how you can have a healthy and happy smile.


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