Electric Toothbrush cleaning false teeth.

How to Brush Teeth With Your Electric Toothbrush

Bacteria tends to build on our teeth all the time. All it takes is a single bacterium to adhere to the teeth and build colonies that create mature populations. The effects of this are harmful to the teeth and gums. With the careful and frequent removal of bacteria by brushing with a toothbrush, one can prevent the buildup of biofilm on the teeth. Originally, the electric toothbrush was developed for people with decreased manual dexterity. However, they became widely popular amongst people without a dexterity impairment.

Why an Electric Toothbrush Is Better

An electric toothbrush is superior to a conventional toothbrush when it comes to effectively reducing bacterial biofilm. Electric toothbrushes can help to prevent teeth staining, are easier on teeth, and are less prone to cause tooth abrasions. Also, accidental toothbrush gum injuries, which cause gum recession, are more common with a manual toothbrush.

How to Use an Electric Toothbrush

An electric toothbrush requires some time to get used to. Occasionally, it can take up to two weeks. The brushing technique is quite different, as the hand does not engage using the same brushing strokes as a manual toothbrush. What is required is a careful reach of the brush head into all of the areas of the teeth and gum line.

Brushing is done solely by the electric toothbrush, so the learning curve requires getting used to bristles reaching tooth and gum line at the same time at a 45-degree angle. You can follow the pictures below to learn the correct position of the toothbrush head.

Electric Toothbrush 1Electric Toothbrush 2Electric Toothbrush 3Electric Toothbrush 4Electric Toothbrush 5Electric Toothbrush 6

Since this kind of toothbrush is very powerful, it is the best to start using your toothbrush without toothpaste and in front of the mirror. Practice these moves around the gum line and all of your teeth. You might even want to start without turning it on.

Whenever you are ready, dispense a pea size of a toothpaste onto the bristles and carry the toothbrush into your mouth. Next, push the start button on the toothbrush. This will avoid splashing the toothpaste all around and wasting it. Once you are comfortable using the electric toothbrush, you can brush with a closed mouth. We suggest tracing the gum line around all of your teeth again at 45-degree angle. The bristles should engage well with the cervical area of the teeth.


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