A dentist is examining a child's mouth, looking for implant failure.

Avoiding Implant Failure From Human Error

We have talked about early and late implant failure before. However, there is another important aspect of implant failure. Training and experience. A competent dentist is important. Learn why a specialist in implant surgery can be the difference between your implant working or failing.

Avoiding Implant Failure With a Specialists

Specialists who have received advanced training in implant surgery and restoration, outperform general dentists. Especially those with minimal training. The need for additional training was recognized early. Beginning in 1997, periodontal training programs were increased in length from two years of post-graduate training to three.

This additional year allowed for the treatment of implant cases. Implants are often of a more complex nature and required longer treatment times. The result has been a dramatic increase in knowledge by those trained after 1997. Indeed, dental implants were only a minor part of the specialists training prior to 1995. Specialists after 1997 are more qualified than those with only two years of training.

Advance education programs teach dentists not just what to do, but when and how. It is always surprising to learn how little some dentists actually know about implant dentistry. Some even remain much less on the forefront of science and technology in implant dentistry.

The last thing a patient wants to hear about their dental implants are the words “infected” or “failing.” Why would anyone skimp on implant cost and put their patient at risk? That’s why we adhere to strict infection control and use the best materials available to make sure that your implant will last for as long as you need it. And if you do have a rare failure, we’ll fix it.

How can you take care of your new dental implant? Visit Preserve Your Teeth® to find out more.



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